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  • 09 Feb 15

    A Breath of Sunshine

    Writer, actor and presenter Steve Hili received positive feedback on his film script 'A Breath of Sunshine' during Stroyworks last year and will be among its participants again this year. ...

    by admin
  • 08 Jan 15

    Of Sound and Space

    The first part of KantaKantun, a three-part education project, comes to an end. Here is what it’s all about. Alexander Vella Gregory writes. Goethe once wrote that ‘Music is fluid architecture; a...

    by admin
  • 12 Dec 14

    Protagonisti: Ian il-Mużiċist

      Ian Celeste is a lively boy with short brown hair and wide brown eyes, eager to explore his surroundings. He is the also the boy featured in the Valletta 2018 video “Valletta is My Orchestra...

    by Marc Buhagiar
  • 04 Dec 14

    Protagonisti: Joe l-Furnar

    Joe l-Furnar’s been making bread ever since he was a young boy. “I was already making bread at the age of 11. When I lived with my grandmother, I used to help the baker who lived across the street...

    by Marc Buhagiar