Executive Team

Executive Director – Catherine Tabone is the executive director of the Valletta 2018 Foundation. She is responsible for overseeing the smooth operation of the Valletta 2018 Foundation.

Photo of Catherine Tabone Photo of Catherine Tabone

Catherine Tabone

Executive Director

The Programming Department at the Valletta 2018 Foundation is responsible for the implementation and development of the Cultural Programme. The department performs a coordinator and curatorial role thanks to its creatives: Joanne Attard Mallia, Programming Coordinator, and Pawlu Mizzi, Sarah Borg and Giuliana Barbaro Sant, Programming Officers. Paola Prinzis is the Department’s Programming Assistant while Charles Bennett performs the role of Programming Information and Ticketing Officer. Antoine Borg Micallef  works closely with all the teams of the Foundation in welcoming and hosting artists and delegates for a series of artistic and cultural events as the Department’s Hospitality coordinator, while the Programming Administration Officer, Federico Carnevali caters for the Programming Department’s daily needs and ensures that everything runs efficiently. Our Accounts Officer Ramona Scerri aids in managing the Foundation’s finances. The Programming Department also includes Chris Cassar as our Production Manager for the Opening Week.

To focus on the Cultural Programme’s European dimension, Programming also works closely with International Artistic Advisor Airan Berg.

To include all of Malta and Gozo in the European Capital of Culture celebrations, Programming also works closely with five Regional Coordinators who actively broker the Cultural Programme in the areas they operate in by engaging resident communities. These are Marcia Grima (Valletta), Victoria-Martha Pace (Gozo), Marcon Caruana (North), Joan Mangion (Centre), Tania Belfiore (South) and Emanuel Vella (South-East).

Photo of Joanne Attard Mallia Photo of Joanne Attard Mallia

Joanne Attard Mallia

Programming Coordinator
Photo of Giuliana Barbaro Sant Photo of Giuliana Barbaro Sant

Giuliana Barbaro Sant

Programming Officer
Photo of Pawlu Mizzi Photo of Pawlu Mizzi

Pawlu Mizzi

Programming Officer
Photo of Sarah Borg Photo of Sarah Borg

Sarah Borg

Programming Officer
Photo of Marcia Grima Photo of Marcia Grima

Marcia Grima

Regional Coordinator - Valletta
Photo of Emanuel Vella Photo of Emanuel Vella

Emanuel Vella

Regional Coordinator - South East
Photo of Tania Belfiore Photo of Tania Belfiore

Tania Belfiore

Regional Coordinator - South
Photo of Joan Mangion Photo of Joan Mangion

Joan Mangion

Regional Coordinator - Centre
Photo of Marcon Caruana Photo of Marcon Caruana

Marcon Caruana

Regional Coordinator - North
Photo of Victoria Martha Pace Photo of Victoria Martha Pace

Victoria Martha Pace

Regional Coordinator - Gozo
Photo of Elise Pisani Photo of Elise Pisani

Elise Pisani

Exile and Conflict Strand Coordinator
Photo of Angele Galea Photo of Angele Galea

Angele Galea

Education Strand Coordinator
Photo of Ann Laenen Photo of Ann Laenen

Ann Laenen

Meetings Points Strand Coordinator
Photo of Michael Bugeja Photo of Michael Bugeja

Michael Bugeja

Music Strand Coordinator
Photo of Leanne Ellul Photo of Leanne Ellul

Leanne Ellul

Literature Strand Coordinator

The Communications Department is tasked with delivering Valletta 2018’s message and Cultural Programme across various platforms and media. The department is made up of: Annaliza Borg – Communications Coordinator, Marc Buhagiar – Marketing and Communications officer, Alex Arrue Usoz – Programming-Communications Liaison Officer, Maria Mizzi – Social Media Specialist, Jessica Muscat – Communications Administration Officer, Lara Schembri – Content Writer and Publication Editor, Samwel Mallia – Graphic Designer, Daniela Cordina – Website Content Writer and Administrator, Sefora Mannino – Administration Officer, Josianne Micallef and Sean Borg – Marketing Officers.

Photo of Annaliza Borg Photo of Annaliza Borg

Annaliza Borg

Communications Coordinator
Photo of Marc Buhagiar Photo of Marc Buhagiar

Marc Buhagiar

Communications Officer
Photo of Maria Mizzi Photo of Maria Mizzi

Maria Mizzi

Social Media Specialist
Photo of Alex Arrue Photo of Alex Arrue

Alex Arrue

Programming-Communications Liasions Officer
Photo of Jessica Muscat Photo of Jessica Muscat

Jessica Muscat

Communications Administration Officer
Photo of Lara Schembri Photo of Lara Schembri

Lara Schembri

Content Writer and Publication Editor
Photo of Samwel Mallia Photo of Samwel Mallia

Samwel Mallia

Graphic Designer

The Research Department at the Valletta 2018 Foundation is responsible for the documentation of European Capital of Culture impacts through an evaluation and monitoring research process as well as the organisation of various seminars and conferences. It consists of three people: Graziella Vella – the Research Coordinator, Neville Borg – Research Officer, Glen Farrugia who manages the Valletta 2018 – University of Malta secretariat and Aidan Celeste and Raffaella Zammit who are the Research Department’s Administration Officers.

Photo of Graziella Vella Photo of Graziella Vella

Graziella Vella

Research Coordinator
Photo of Neville Borg Photo of Neville Borg

Neville Borg

Research Officer
Photo of Raffaella Zammit Photo of Raffaella Zammit

Raffaella Zammit

Research Administration Officer
Photo of Glen Farrugia Photo of Glen Farrugia

Glen Farrugia

Valletta 2018 Secretariat of the University of Malta
Photo of Steve Mangion Photo of Steve Mangion

Steve Mangion

Data Analyst

Administration caters for the office’s daily needs and ensures that everything runs efficiently. The Administration department consists of: Marouska Formosa – the Executive Assistant to the Chairman and the Executive Director, Alison Bone, secretary, Albert Dimech and Gordon Grixti who handle logistics, and Edera Mangion and Inohla Grimsey who are the Foundation’s Receptionists.

Photo of Marouska Formosa Photo of Marouska Formosa

Marouska Formosa

Executive Assistant
Photo of Alison Bone Photo of Alison Bone

Alison Bone

Photo of Albert Dimech Photo of Albert Dimech

Albert Dimech

Logistics Officer

The Finance Department handles budgetary matters for the Valletta 2018 Foundation. It is made up of three people: Dion Borg – Accountant, Jason Griscti – Accounts Clerk, and Nathalie Cardona – Accounts Support Officer.

Photo of Jason Griscti Photo of Jason Griscti

Jason Griscti

Accounts Clerk
Photo of Nathalie Cardona Photo of Nathalie Cardona

Nathalie Cardona

Accounts Support Officer

The Tal-Kultura Volunteers Programme is run by Volunteers Programme Manager JD Farrugia, Volunteers Programme Officer Christabel Catania and Programme Administrator Jelena Buvač. The Tal-Kultura programme, which is managed by SOS Malta on behalf of the Foundation, engages active citizens and stakeholders in participating in Valletta 2018’s projects and events.

Photo of JD Farrugia Photo of JD Farrugia

JD Farrugia

Volunteers Programme Manager
Photo of Christabel Catania Photo of Christabel Catania

Christabel Catania

Volunteers Programme Officer