This year, two poetry films were produced following a call for proposals for the Poetry on Film project. These being Meta Tiġi MariRos, produced by Shadeena Films and based on the poem of the same name by Lilian Sciberras, and and L.O.M.L. by Gilbert Calleja and Matthew Attard, based on Raymond Mahoney’s poem Tibqa’ Int.

Last year, local director Edward Said offered a film reinterpretation of Mario Azzopardi’s poem Ried Ikun Jaf. This film features local actors Stephen Grech and Philip Mizzi.

Two years ago, local filmmaker Kenneth Scicluna worked on a short film inspired from Doreen Micallef’s poems Eleġijia and Dedika.

Local actors Erica Muscat, Sharon Bezzina and André Penza tell the story of human relationships, dealing with themes of love, trust and creation. Two women are held together by the emotional distance between them. Faced by the question of creating a new life, their relationship hangs in the balance.

It was screened at the National Book Festival taking place at the Mediterranean Conference Centre between the 12th and the 16th November 2014.