Subjective Maps will be collected from six different localities in Malta and Gozo, including Valletta, St Paul’s Bay, Ħamrun, Birżebbuġa, Gżira, Victoria (Gozo).

The earliest maps were ‘story’ maps. Cartographers were artists who mingled knowledge with supposition, memory and fears. Their maps described both landscape and the events, which had taken place within it, enabling travelers to plot a route as well as to experience
a story. – Rory MacLean

The project aims to:

1. Promote the successful integration of minority and non-Maltese nationals in Maltese community.
2. Identify the diversity in place-people relations and to map those relationships people have with the place where they live and where they call ‘home’.
3. Capture visual narratives of residents’ about their towns and communities.
4. Valorise visions of the community as share-able capital.
5. Provide a new representation of the town/village/community that is free of ‘cultural’ branding that valorises the touristic and heritage value of a place over the individual residents’ narratives and routes.
6. Provide a platform where community members meet and discuss their public spaces.

Who is it for?

The workshops are open to anyone who uses the locality on a regular basis; residents and people who spend a good part of their days in the locality for work or leisure purposes. The participants should ideally represent the community’s diversity in terms of ages, nationalities, backgrounds and minorities.

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