Preparations for the hosting of the title of European Capital of Culture in Malta in 2018 involve a growing number of partners which perform strategic roles in supporting the Valletta 2018 Foundation. Below is a list of the current business partners, public cultural organisations, education institutes and tourism partners of the Foundation.

Tourism Partner



As the national authority managing policies in the tourism sector in Malta, the Malta Tourism Authority (MTA) is a strategic partner in communicating the cultural progamme and all related initiatives within the Valletta 2018 framework.


Corporate Partners




The Valletta Steam Ferry is the recommended means of travel to Valletta and back from Sliema and the Three Cities. The Valletta 2018 Foundation fully believes in the relationship between the Three Cities and the Marsamxett Harbour as part of the run up to 2018. The Grand Harbour and the Marsamxett Harbour play a pivotal role in economic and social regeneration.  It is therefore crucial to have water transport service between Valletta, the Three Cities and Sliema.


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Dhalia is one of the largest privately-owned real estate agencies that specialised in sought after property throughout the Maltese islands and offers sales and letting services for both residential and commercial property. Dhalia recognises the increase in Valletta’s popularity as a prime destination in Europe, which is why it will be collaborating with Valletta 2018 to transform the Capital into a social and cultural hub. In an effort to contribute towards cultural awareness, Dhalia is supporting Valletta 2018 by means of a mobile unit that is being used as a cultural hotspot, thereby making information more accessible to the public along with providing a direct link between the foundation and the public. This is the first of many projected initiatives by Dhalia as part of their collaboration with Valletta 2018.


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The Bank of Valletta is partnering the Valletta 2018 Foundation throughout 2015-2018 by supporting the Discover Valletta project. Discover Valletta aims at providing an exciting educational experience for schoolchildren visiting the capital city of Malta.



The Excelsior has been an esteemed partner of the Valletta 2018 Foundation since 2013. The hotel is conveniently situated on the outskirts of Valletta and hosts a number of cultural and artistic events thanks to its excellent facilities. It also provides services for conferences, tourism-oriented events and sports.

 Caffe Cordina logo (HR)

Founded in 1837, Caffe Cordina is a well-known, established family business with a long history. From its humble beginnings as a confectionery in Cospicua, it has become the prestigious coffee shop it is today thanks to the foresight, daring and hard work of the late Cesare Cordina, when he relocated to Valletta in 1944. Situated in a beautiful, historic palazzo with an elaborate interior with an exterior extension in the beautiful Pjazza Regina, Caffe Cordina feels honoured to be part of Valletta’s cultural heritage and to be supporting Valletta 2018.

Educational Institutions


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The University of Malta provides essential academic support in a number of projects of a research nature, particularly with regard to the ongoing evaluation and monitoring run by the Valletta 2018 Foundation and the Cultural Mapping project to be launched in 2015 and available for free via open source maps.



The Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology provides hundreds of students with the opportunity to develop their skills thanks to life case studies involving projects related to Valletta 2018. Examples range from 3D architectural mapping projections to design and fashion projects run in collaboration with Leeuwarden 2018, the European Capital of Culture in the Netherlands in 2018.

Public Cultural Organisations


The Arts Council Malta is the organisation responsible for the implementation of Malta’s national cultural policy, published in 2011, with a clear mandate to support the preparations of the European Capital of Culture in Malta in 2018. Since 2002, the Arts Council Malta has striven to promote access, internationalisation and the professionalisation of the arts in Malta. It organises a number of important events in the cultural calendar, particularly the Arts Festival in summer, the Jazz Festival, the folk music festival (Għanafest) and the annual Notte Bianca.

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The national agency responsible for heritage in Malta is a close partner of the Valletta 2018 Foundation. It is responsible for numerous sites of archaeological and historical importance and supports various projects, such as Qatt ma Ninsa, which aim to make history alive, relevant and accessible to locals and visitors alike. It is also responsible for new exciting projects like the St Elmo fortification and the up-and-coming national museum of art, MUŻA.

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The MPO, originally established in the 1960s, has evolved into Malta’s national philharmonic orchestra and is a professional home for the development of its musicians, its audiences and the profile of Valletta as an international centre for classical music. Its recent recording collaboration with NAXOS and its tour of China were specifically done in collaboration with the Valletta 2018 Foundation.



The Mediterranean Conference Centre is found at the tip of the Valletta peninsula and offers various facilities to many cultural stakeholders in the run-up to Valletta 2018, including the National Book Fair, the international Choir Festival and numerous concerts and dance shows.

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The open air theatre complex supports Valletta 2018 through close collaboration in one of the focal spaces in our capital city, with events and programmes ranging from literature to visual arts, and from concerts to dance shows. Its design by Renzo Piano on the basis of the old Royal Opera House ruins offers a striking visual setting to events all year round.


The cultural centre has been encouraging a contemporary approach towards the arts on the basis of supporting wider access to the arts since 2000. It has teamed up with the Valletta 2018 Foundation since 2012 in organising Żigużajg, the international arts festival for children and young people, the Malta Showcase, which enables Malta-based artists to perform abroad, and the Valletta International Visual Arts Festival (VIVA), among others.


The national theatre of Malta, established in 1732, is a key stakeholder in Valletta 2018 through its organisation of the International Baroque Festival, the Teatru Manoel Young Theatre programme (TMYT), the support it gives cultural operators and artists in various artistic and capacity building projects, and by supporting innovative projects and hosting events which address areas central to European Capital of Culture programming.