In an effort to uncover the Cottonera’s living memory, resident youngsters are encouraged to reach out to their neighbours and relatives to record diverse personal experiences of life in this rich locale. Themes explored by the research team aim to shed new light on Cottonera’s iconic images – such as the Dockyard and its role during the war and post-war period – while also aiming to uncover personal stories about living and working in Bormla. The result will be a lasting account of the area’s oral history, rooted in historical fact and tinged with personal anecdotes.

This initiative strives to achieve an equal exchange between volunteers and their own community. By providing training in audio visual skills, interview techniques and project management to willing volunteers, the Forum Komunità Bormliża hopes to provide resident youngsters with the basic skill sets required to create future projects and exhibitions.

The findings and insights gained through Minn Fomm il-Bormliżi will eventually be the subject of a local exhibition featuring photographs, objects relating to Bormla and recordings of oral anecdotes collected by volunteers. The exhibition will be open to the general public free of charge and voluntary donations may be offered on the day.

Video recordings resulting from the project will be deposited at the Oral History Archive, Public Memory Centre, University of Malta.

Minn Fomm il-Bormliżi is a Valletta 2018 collaboration with the Forum Komunità Bormliża

To view the full interviews, please visit the Minn Fomm il-Bormliżi YouTube channel.