DSP is based on the use of visuals where nature is the central dynamic that brings together the interplay of different elements.  Nature becomes a metaphor of the self, where both fluidity and tension are captured.  Little stories emerge that are based on ideas of journeying, cycles, rhythm, balance and presence. This aims to trigger a feeling of being at home, where one is understood and sheltered.

The works created encourage the process of narration on the patient’s part whilst acknowledging all that cannot be put in words; all that cannot be explained.  Consequently, the empathic process with the self will start to emerge. In addition, the works are open to individual interpretation due to their universal orientation and minimal text.

Day Ward at the Oncology Centre, by Tim Lewis (Handcrafted Films)

The Deep Shelter Project brings together  research within the Psychological Support Services at Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Centre, sensory workshops with cancer survivors and artist workshops for the creation and donation of artworks to clinical hospital spaces.

DEEP SHELTER empathy and nature from Tim Lewis on Vimeo.

DEEP SHELTER the art of smell from Tim Lewis on Vimeo.

DEEP SHELTER unfolding story from Tim Lewis on Vimeo.