Why is little Gus Nightingale, a boy from a famous musical family, suddenly so silent? What very dreadful thing could have happened to cause him to HUSH? Can he find his true voice again and save the world from the villainous Maestro? Only Gus knows the secret and – for now – he isn’t saying anything…

Hush deals with the themes of loss, fear and lost confidence in a magical world where a bitter heart can steal music and sound away, leaving the world in silence. Together with an eccentric little girl named Clementine Pickles, it’s up to Gus to re-discover his own hidden power and set his family home free from grief. Teatru Manoel Youth Theatre nurtures and trains young performers, preparing them for further training and a professional career in the creative arts.

To book tickets, kindly follow this link: http://www.teatrumanoel.com.mt/default.asp?m=shows&id=691.


Photo: Kris Micallef