During 10 sessions per school, the children form a made-up culture, in a fashion comparable to how cultures come about in real life. By paralleling this discovery to how Valletta was created as a city with its own culture, the children will learn about history, architecture and cultural heritage. The students will devise a press release in preparation for the launch of their cultural programme for their made up town, thus helping them understand the work being done by Valletta 2018 Foundation.

A Skype call with paired schools is held where other students after having had the same sessions, talk to each other about the town, and present it to each other. This would create cultural exchange and form opportunities to make friends. The children finalise their cultural calendar, also involving events from their paired up school. They will also meet up in person at one of the schools to publicly discuss their cultural programme, introducing their made up culture as well.

In October 2018, partner schools on the Maltese Islands and in Leeuwarden will collaborate on the ‘Capital of Invented Cultures’, an assembly for children modelled on the United Nations that will showcase the vibrant cultures created through the project.