These revamped accounts will be devised and produced by choreographers, creators, designers and developers and will be filmed and uploaded online for anyone to see.

The project was first sparked by another project from Valletta 2018’s Cultural Programme, Qatt Ma Ninsa, which was held in June 2014 at the Malta Maritime Museum.  Qatt Ma Ninsa was a successful storytelling experience in which different people brought various objects and explained these objects’ stories.

The Tafal project uses ten stories from the Qatt Ma Ninsa project and recreates them using video and choreography as storytelling mediums. Director Cedric Vella and dancer-choreographer Sandra Mifsud, along with the dancers from the ŻfinMalta Dance Ensemble came up with innovative choreography to recreate the objects’ narrative which is then featured in different videos.  Each object has its own story which evokes its own mood, and thus, choreography and filming locations change depending on the particular object. The finished videos are then edited and uploaded to an interactive framework which is accessible online. Each collaborator delivers a story and leaves their own personal touch to that story.