During each session, each respective group of students will be presented with a box containing a stimulus; each group will be presented with the same stimulus at the same phase of the project. With the assistance of tutors and workshop leaders, the groups will devise a piece inspired by the stimulus and develop their performance further each time they are given a new box with a new stimulus. All groups will receive a total of 5 boxes throughout the process.

The project will culminate in sharing of these pieces, where students will be able to experience a number of different interpretations of the set of stimuli, seeing as all the pieces are a reaction to these identical boxes.

The project engages youths via two strands: the first uses workshops to guide secondary and sixth form students through non-linear approaches to performance and other aspects of theatrical production. The second strand is a special edition of the project developed especially for our European Capital of Culture year, where a select group of Maltese young adults team up with international mentors to create a devised performance for children based on the theme Island Stories. The resulting performance will be shared with local audiences
in collaboration with Żigużajg, while the valuable experiences of the performers contribute to future workshops with students.