The Spanish shadow theatre company Luz Micro y Punto work with the age-old craft of shadow puppetry to create visually stunning masterpieces. Años Luz, is a performance that takes the viewer on an inspiring journey of musical discovery. The story centres on a composer caught in the process of musing over her next score, which she serendipitously uncovers through a playful creative process.

The delightful performance offers viewers haunting images that use both traditional and contemporary shadow theatre techniques to merge reality and dream in an inimitable world of music and colour. Luz Micro y Punto will also share their unique technique for shadow puppetry with aspiring and established artists in an intensive workshop. The performance is suitable for adults and children ages 4+.

Años Luz will be held on the 24th February at 6pm and 25th February at 4pm at the Mqabba Primary School, Mqabba.

Map below: