The Commission on Domestic Violence falls under the Ministry for European Affairs and Equality. The main role of the Commission is that of advising the responsible Minister on all aspects of Domestic Violence. It aims at increasing awareness and understanding about domestic violence by creating awareness raising campaigns based on specific themes.   Such themes are generally aimed towards providing educational messages and information on how one can get help and at prevention.

The Commission has now joined venture with artist Raymond Darmanin.  A venture which manifests an innovative approach towards this complex social problem of domestic violence.

Raymond Darmanin has the courage to take up the challenging theme of domestic violence which admittedly is not the typical subject that artists are inspired by and presents it to us in such an original and creative manner.

He manages to look deep into the negative attitudes that underpin this social problem and contrasts it with the strengths of the survivors of violence while celebrating it in the movement and bright colours of his art. Raymond Darmanin seems to express that nothing beats the human spirit to be free and happy.

The exhibition is the result of extensive discussions between the artist and professionals working in the sector.  Raymond Darmanin captured the concepts of domestic violence and understood the perceptions that lie deep in this social problem.

He reflected the knowledge acquired in art and mainly focused on the hope. It is certainly a fitting message to be conveyed to all those persons who somehow or another are victims of this form of abuse.

The exhibition is open for the public every Monday and Thursday from 12:00 to 15:00 hrs. On Sunday, 21st January, the general public will have the opportunity to meet the artist.

This exhibition is endorsed by the Valletta 2018 Foundation.