On Friday 9th March 2018, the day before Ida Kelarova’s Jazz Famelija which will bring a music formation linking Romani harmonies and Latin-American rhythms to the sound of a jazz band, Ida Kelarova herself will be delivering a free vocal training workshop at the Don Bosco Oratory Theatre in Victoria, Gozo. Ida Kelarova is an internationally respected personality in the world music scene, a singer and a music teacher.

Ida’s basic belief is that everybody can sing, and it is crucial for expressing one’s personality and releasing emotions that accumulate in the body and turn into negative emotions. Ida’s method of opening and discovering of the human voice is not driven by striving for technical perfection or a mere wish to sing nicer, stronger or better. To sing and feel a song is just the pretext for seeking the voice within the man that noone ever hears: the voice that leads you back to your emotions. That’s where Ida finds the ultimate source of life and creativity.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to experience the 30 years of work with people and the human voice, that Ida dedicated her life to. The Organic Choir, who will also be performing on the night of the 10th March, will also be participating in this workshop.

Workshop details:

Date: Friday 9th March 2018

Time: 6:30PM

Location: Don Bosco Oratory Theatre, Victoria, Gozo

Who can apply: Workshop is directed towards teenagers and upwards

Price: Free

To apply, kindly fill in this Google Form. Please note that space is highly limited, therefore it is imperative that you fill in the form to book your slot.

To buy tickets for Ida Kelarova’s Jazz Famelija, happening on the 10th March at the Don Bosco Oratory Theatre, Victoria Gozo, click the link below.


Check out Ida Kelarova’s mesmerizing singing in the video below!