Join the Orfeo & Majnun Project by participating in a Shadow Puppetry workshop, to be showcased during the Orfeo & Majnun music theatre performances in October 2018.


Shadow puppetry is an ancient theatre form with ritual roots in Asian cultures, and is also the analog forerunner of modern digital animation movies. In our music-theatre piece Orfeo & Majnun, which  links two famous legends of star-crossed lovers, we will be using some elements of this traditional artform on stage, so if you are interested to get to know this theatre of shadows and  to participate in the performance, you are welcome to our introductory workshop where you can take a first step into the story, the tools and the technique of shadow puppetry.

Additionally, you would also be able to participate in the workshop and then develop your own shadow puppetry story dealing with the love story of Layla & Majnun or Orfeo & Eurydice and stories related to their fate and the motives of love, loss and longing, which you can present during the lively parcours which makes up the first part of our Orfeo & Majnun project.

Shadow puppetry will be used as a visual tool during the Orfeo & Majnun performance, where a small shadow screen will be on stage for 1 puppeteer as well as some puppetry, using further puppeteers, happening behind the large screen across the stage.

Follow-up workshops and rehearsals for those young adults and adults, who want to participate in the stage performance, will be announced.

Rehearsals will take place end of August/beginning of September; during the last week of September, as well as in mid-October, the period of stage rehearsals. The performances of the music-theatre Orfeo & Majnun take place on Friday 19th & Saturday 20th October 2018 in Valletta, while the parcours will be held on the 27th October 2018.


Workshop information:

The workshop will be held at the University of Malta Valletta Campus on Saturday 26th May between 10am and 1pm. To apply, kindly fill in this Google form by Wednesday 23rd May, noon. The workshops are free of charge.


Orfeo & Majnun is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

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