The Valletta 2018 Foundation is offering the chance to take part in the project Utopian Nights – Inside the border ( as a storyteller. The call is open to any adult living in Malta and Gozo.

Storytellers will perform during one evening between the 31st July and the 4th August at Howard Gardens in Imdina, Malta.

Stories can be told in Maltese or English, you decide!


What kind of stories are we looking for?

We are looking for stories from around the world, including but not limited to: fairytales, traditional stories, ironic tales. The stories can be personal but interesting for a wide audience. Stories can be invented by the storyteller himself or herself, or can be well-known stories. In the case of published stories, the property rights should be settled.

Stories can be short or long, but each performance should not last more than an hour and not less than 20 minutes.

The stories should be suitable for children and adults.


What are the requested skills?

The storyteller should have facilities to express him or herself in public and able to trigger and keep the attention of the public.

Once your application is processed, you will be invited for an interview to discuss your performance.

Should you have any questions, kindly email [email protected] and we will get back to you shortly.

The Storyteller will be remunerated for his or her performance according to the duration. The rate is 40e for 20 minutes and 100e for an hour. The storyteller will need to provide an invoice with a personal VAT number to be remunerated.

What is the Utopian Nights project?

The Utopian Nights series provides a platform to re-imagine collectively four contemporary themes: displacement, borders, encampment and the rise of global commons. The catalyst of the series is the notion of Utopia. Here Utopia is essentially a democratic space – it is a platform for discussion and a participatory project in which everyone can debate, challenge and be challenged equally. This year there will be 2 Utopian Nights: one entitled « Inside the border » (30th July to 5th August) and another one entitled « The Commons » (23-24th November)

What is the Inside the Border event?

This summer, from the Monday 30th July to the Sunday 5th August, a small camp will be built in Howard Gardens in Mdina. During this week, there will be many activities, including storytelling evenings but also a film night, a slam performance, two photo studios and a performance in the streets of Mdina. The event is free of charge and open to everyone.

These activities will aim at bringing people together to discuss a more inclusive society. Refugees, filmmakers, storytellers, experts on human rights, but also experts on environmental issues will be present to share their ideas with the public.

All these discussions, all these workshops and collective activities, aim at sharing ideas, that can be different and conflictual, about the ideal society. The ideal society is also called a Utopia. This is why we called this project: Utopian Nights.


How to apply:

In order to become a storyteller for the Utopian Nights project apply here.  Applications will not be considered until the completed form is received by the Foundation.

You have until the 30th May to apply. Go for it!