Tellieqa Telliqun is a fun and whimsical wacky race involving man-made floating crafts, where participants team up to create their own original floating craft and ‘sail’ across the Grand Harbour, from Senglea to Valletta, without the use of oars and/or motors.  This will take place on 7th June 2018 as part of the larger event Valletta Pageant of the Seas.  The objective of the race is to reach the other side of the Grand Harbour and make it through the finishing line.  Creative and innovative designs will receive special consideration during the award ceremony to follow during which prizes will be awarded in various categories.  Participants not adhering to the rules for participants will be disqualified irrespective of their placing in the race.

Date: 7th June 2018

Time: The race starts at approximately 6.45pm, but the exact time shall be at the discretion of the Foundation.  Participants are expected to show up earlier at a time to be determined by the Foundation.

Application deadline: 23rd May 2018

The Foundation shall choose a limited number of groups for Tellieqa Telliqun, and the choice of groups is final and entirely up to the Foundation based on the proposals/sketches sent in with the application form.


  1. Each craft shall have a maximum of 4 participants on board during the race;
  2. Each group shall nominate only 1 person to act as signatory and contact person with the Valletta 2018 Foundation;
  3. All participants shall be 18 years or older;
  4. The Participants shall sign a written agreement with the Foundation;
  5. Each participant guarantees in writing that he is physically fit and is a confident swimmer;
  6. Every participant on board the craft shall wear a life jacket;
  7. The Foundation shall send a representative to inspect crafts while they’re still a work in progress and upon finishing;
  8. All Crafts need to be complete and transported to Senglea Point by 5th June 2018.
  9. There will be a designated place for mooring of crafts (in Senglea);
  10. On 6th June 2018 at 8pm, the Foundation will organize an event at Senglea Point for all crafts to be exhibited to the general public;
  11. After the race, each craft needs to be taken to the Valletta side to a place as indicated by the Foundation. After the end of the show, these need to be taken back to Senglea, and taken out of the sea (on land);
  12. The Valletta 2018 Foundation is offering €300 (including VAT) per group. Any participants not registered with the VAT Department can receive payment on the basis of Casual Part time, and a 15% tax shall be deducted at source amounting to a total of €255 net;
  13. Payment shall be distributed only to those groups taking part in the race Tellieqa Telliqun;
  14. The jury’s decision is final;
  15. Prizes shall be given to winners based on the following criteria:
  • Medals and Certificates shall be given out to all participants
  • First, Second and Third place
  • Biggest supporting crowd on Xatt il-Barrieri side
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • A consolation prize shall be given to the group who comes in last
  • Additional surprise prizes


  1. The crafts shall not to exceed 4m x 4m in size;
  2. The crafts shall not have any motors or oars of any type;
  3. Parts of boats shall not be permitted as part of the construction of these crafts;
  4. The crafts can be built from different materials however the materials chosen can’t be hazardous to humans and/or the environment. We recommend using recycled materials;
  5. Each participating group shall submit a short description regarding their design concept for the construction of their craft and also include a description of how the idea will be carried out;
  6. Each craft needs to have a towing hook attached to it.



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7 June 2018

Grand Harbour, Valletta

The first edition of the Valletta Pageant of the Seas took place in 2016, where audiences witnessed a unique, large-scale spectacle in the Grand Harbour which many families attended and enjoyed.  This year we’ll be hosting the second edition of this great event, and the various shows will feature numerous regatta boats, power boats, yachts, and many more.

Activities for the Valletta Pageant of the Seas 2018 edition include the fun swim Għawma Toni Bajada, where swimmers will register and swim from Fort St Angelo to Valletta; a swimming competition Tellieqa Toni Bajada; as well as Tellieqa Telliqun, a unique race where participants create their own boats using various materials, which they then race without using motors or oars.

Created by: Valletta 2018, Mario Philip Azzopardi; Organised by: Valletta 2018; In Collaboration with: In Guardia Parade/Malta Tourism Authority, Birkirkara St Joseph Sports Club, Malta Rowing Association, Chaudron Powerboats, Surfside Charter Company Ltd, Mad About Video Ltd, La Fura Dels Baus, Soċjeta’ Mużikali Sta. Katerina V.M. Żurrieq, San Ġorġ Fire Works Factory, Independent Fireworks Factory and Local Talent.

Supported by:  Armed Forces of Malta,  The Malta Police Force, Transport Malta,  Civil Protection Department,  Red Cross,  Valletta Local Council,  Floriana Local Council,  Senglea Local Council, Kalkara Local Council,  Arts Council Malta, Heritage Malta

For any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on [email protected]