Do you crochet? Show off your skills in a collaborative artistic project in the run up to 2018!

Led by sociologist-volunteer Esmeralda de Vries, this project seeks volunteers from around the world who can come together to crochet one large blanket by 2018, when both Valletta and Leeuwarden will be European Capitals of Culture.

To take part, participants need to crochet one or more granny squares of 10cm x 10cm, made from wool or any other material, boasting any design or colour. The number of granny squares is up to the participants, the only thing which is important is that the squares are 10cm x 10cm. Individuals, or a team/organisation, participating on this project will then make a blanket (size ranging from 1.4m to 2m) from these crocheted granny squares.

This project will allow you to really tap into your creativity, and your designs will be incorporated into this huge blanket, made by people from different countries and backgrounds, such as elderly people to refugees, giving life to a highly social and diverse network.

After the European Capital of Culture year, this blanket will go to refugees and people in need.

Individuals, groups or institutions interested in being part of this project are to send an e-mail to [email protected] expressing their interest by Sunday 12th June 2016.