Cerealia is a festival dedicated to all grains, as indeed happened in ancient Roman rites of Vesta and Ceres, the Ludi. In a broader view, the festival is extended to all countries of the Mediterranean area, from which the subtitle “Ceres and the Mediterranean“. The ancient rituals of the Vestal Virgins and the Ludi of Ceres, recalled in staged form, are the “Roman” element that characterizes each edition of the festival. The connection to the Mediterranean, gives to the event an international exposition, enhancing the intercultural exchange and presenting every year a different country: 2011 Egypt; 2012  Turkey; 2013 Greece, 2014  Cyprus; 2015 Croatia; 2016 Morocco; 2017 Treaties of Rome and European Union. The 2018 Cerealia Festival will be dedicated to the Republic of Malta during the European Year of Cultural Heritage and International year of Italian food in the world, and will be held in Rome, Italy between the 7-10th June 2018.

The Mediterranean has been and still is the meeting point of a myriad of societies belonging to cultural systems partially connected but also substantially different. Cultural pluralism has been, since ancient times, a permanent feature of the Mediterranean basin. The event will be then, not only a moment of historical commemoration, but also of cultural exchange, thereby tackling issues such as nutrition, environment, economy, territory and social dimension, issues presented in the current context, which characterizes the varied  world of grains. The social and economic value of grains is immense. Cerealia wants to spread knowledge and awareness of the value of land and indigenous cultures, re-establish the links between the area of ​​production and the consumer’s table, even reviving old customs and traditions, based on respect for the earth and its fruits.

Cerealia is thus:

  • value of the land and native cultures
  • celebration of ancient uses and traditions
  • cultural exchange and interconnection between environment, agriculture, food, economy, trade and social dimension
  • entertainment and cultural activities
  • meeting point and B&B


Allergies / intolerances: please note that in many activities will be used various types of grains and flours (wheat, oats, spelled, fonio, maize, wheat, millet, barley, rice, rye, sorghum, triticale, CAMUT, wheat, flour, etc.). For this reason consider your personal participation and that of your family members on the basis of any allergies and / or specific intolerances you may have.

Indemnity. The organizers of the Festival – in accordance with the “participatory” format of the Festival – give evidence of the absence of any liability on their own size, for the activities carried out by organizing partners in the Festival Cerealia.


It should be noted at the Cerealia festival participants (audience, speakers, artists, etc..) that in the course of or in relation to all the events scheduled during the festival, will be made ​​by the organizers of the Festival fixations or reproductions direct or indirect, broadcasting and / or communications to the public over the air, cable, satellite or in any other form or manner, to documentary and promotional purposes only. All participants in the festival above described agree to the same “to silence”. Who does not want to be taken or reproduced, must then send explicit communication to the organization of the festival or notify on-site to the operators responsible for fixing / broadcasting.

The Cerealia Festival is endorsed by the Valletta 2018 Foundation. For further information and a full programme, visit www.cerealialudi.org.