Immanuel Mifsud continues his series of live readings. This time, he’s taking his live reading to Splendid, Strait Street on 7th August at 9pm. For the session Charlie My True Love u Kliem Ieħor Għal Taħt il-Ħmura, organised by Strada Stretta events in collaboration with Valletta 2018, Mifsud will read works related to Strait Street and other villages associated with nocturnal life and all that the night time shrouds in darkness.

Charlie My True Love u Kliem Ieħor Għal Taħt il-Ħmura will take audiences on a somewhat different night time journey with a series of writings about deserted streets, red light districts, empty squares, as well as darkness and dim lights.

About the author:

Immanuel Mifsud is a Maltese writer who has written a variety of prose and poetry books. In 2002, he won the Literature Prize (Premju Letterarju) with L-Istejjer Strambi ta’ Sara Sue Sammut. In 2014, he won the same prize with his book Penelopi Tistenna. A number of works were translated and published in several languages. One of these is Fl-Isem tal-Missier (u tal-Iben), which won the European Prize for Literature in 2011 and was translated into English, Romanian, Macedonian and French.

This event will be in Maltese. For more information, please visit the Facebook event page.