Join us for a Dal-Baħar Madwarha Special, simply called the ‘The Closing Weekend’.

The exhibition at the St Elmo Examination Centre will be closing its doors on the 27th of May. The Examination Centre is a place of memory for most of the Maltese. This exhibition, made up of commissioned and existing works by Maltese and international artists deals with the sea as a place of memory, romanticism, global trade of goods as well as mobility, voyage and displacement. Expect a weekend of tours, talks and performances.


See programme below:

Thursday May 24th

17.00: Curators Tour at the St Elmo Examination Centre and Pixkerija. Meeting Point: St. Elmo Examination Center

Friday May 25th

18.30 to 19.30: Tour through the St Elmo Examination Centre
19.30: Performance by Heba Y. Amin – Operation Sunken Sea. Relocating the Mediterranean at the St Elmo Examination Centre. Join us for a drink afterwards.

Saturday May 26th

17.00 to 19.00: Performance by Tania El Khoury – Sejjaħ lil Malta // Call Malta, next to the Ferry to the Three Cities in Valletta

Sunday May 27th

11.00 to 19.00: last day of the St Elmo Examination Centre
17.00: Performance ‘Times of Dilemma’ by transparadiso at the St. Roche Chapel Valletta and Manoel Island.