Valletta 2018’s major multi-site exhibition, “Dal-Baħar Madwarha”, opens its doors to curious visitors across the Islands starting from the 10th of March. Curated by Maren Richter, large installations, performances and public interventions are taking place in both traditional and unexpected locations across Malta, exploring the idea of “islandness” in playful and critical ways.

James Micallef Grimaud’s intervention refers to the fact that the Maltese Archipelago are close to both Africa and Europe. Today Africa and Europe seem to further away from each other than ever. New borders and new forms of migration have been established. A transformed crane painted as a giraffe welcomes the travellers when entering the harbour, or those in search for the iconic view over the Grand Harbour and remind us of tolerance and diversity of cultures.

James Micallef Grimaud has directed several artistic projects including the first large scale mural in Malta. He is the founder of the Troglodyte crew, a street art collective working on several projects around Malta. He defines himself as an artist, who maintains critical but positive and witty approach to life on the Island.