Valletta 2018’s major multi-site exhibition, “Dal-Baħar Madwarha”, opens its doors to curious visitors across the Islands starting from the 10th of March. Curated by Maren Richter, large installations, performances and public interventions are taking place in both traditional and unexpected locations across Malta, exploring the idea of “islandness” in playful and critical ways.

Ghost Fishing is a phenomenon in the Mediterranean, which causes big ecological effects. Large fishnets fall off boats and remain in the sea. Aidan Celeste will be using a recently recovered abandoned industrial fishing net as the basis of his installation, located at the lowest part of Valletta outside the bastion walls to create a sculpture, which is one to the elements and very much a product of its own environment.

Aidan Celeste is a young Maltese artist and researcher, who is interested in processes – that of artistic practices and that of transformation of time and space.