Interpreting the Symbols on the St John’s Co-Cathedral Tombstones and Monuments is a lecture by Dane Munro, organised by Flimkien għal-Ambjent Aħjar.  The lecture will be held at the Phoenicia Hotel, Floriana on Wednesday 15th April at 6.30pm. This lecture comes after the success of the first lecture on the symbolism in the Co-Cathedral’s tombstones and contains new material as well as a number of new topics.

Dane Munro, author of Momento Mori, will be analysing the meanings behind the images and symbols on the tombstones and monuments which have been somewhat lost to the sands of time. Munro’s interpretation will allow people to read these once again.

For those interested, there will also be a dinner at the Phoenicia after the lecture at a special price. For more information, please visit the Flimkien għal-Ambjent Aħjar official website.