Festa Qargħasel, a culinary and cultural activity, is being organised by the Mosta Local Council and will be held on the 15th of September (7pm onwards), in the square next to the Rotunda and the surrounding area. The event offers various attractions for those attending. Amongst these, there will be a reading of the banns for the opening, għana, traditional dances, a reenactment of a traditional Maltese wedding, a commemorative educational leaflet, a band, discussions, food, drinks and more.

Tradition recounts how pumpkin pie was very popular amongst the people in Mosta, and this tradition goes back a number of years. Moreover, honey was apparently abundant in the valley crossing Mosta, aptly named Wied il-Għasel (Honey Valley). An old tradition recounts how an amount of honeybees produced a substantial amount of honey in their hives which were found between the rocks, and during certain times, one could see honey dripping from the rocks.

This project is endorsed by the Valletta 2018 Foundation.