FRAGMENTA, a local Maltese artist collective, is hosting ‘Filfla Findings’, a Pop-Up Exhibition that includes works by the three artists. This will be held close to the Għar Lapsi area on the 21st June at 3pm. The subject matter of the pieces is the island of Filfla, a barren, uninhabited islet located in the south of Malta. A series of photographs by Ritty Tacsum, Aksel Høgenhaug and Bettina Hutschek will be showcased during this Pop-Up exhibit.

How to get there:

Drive to Għar Lapsi and park in the car park. Head into the field road, leaving the Blue Creek restaurant on your right. After 83 m, turn right and head down towards the small bunker where the exhibition will be held.

For more information, please visit the FRAGMENTA official website.