In preparation for our Sharing The Legacy Conference we are screening a number of films from both local and international filmmakers that deal with the themes of migration, community and well-being.

These include films by Charlie Cauchi, artist and filmmaker, and Paolo Pisanelli, artistic director of Cinema del reale.

Join us on Thursday 13 September at The Cinema Bar by Citylights at 8:30, followed by Q&A with the filmmakers.

Biographies and films

Charlie Cauchi

Charlie is an artist and filmmaker whose recent exhibition with Valletta 2018, Latitude 36 explored Maltese migration around the globe and looked at how communities retain and celebrate their heritage.

‘Malta to Motor City’ (2018) is an observational documentary short that captures the Maltese migrant experience in Michigan, USA with the help of the Maltese community. Spending time at two Maltese clubs in Michigan in 2017, Cauchi creates a portrait of émigré life for this minority community. Cauchi said of the experience, “I’d walk into a Maltese club and I’d forget where I was. Then I’d step back outside and say – oh, hold on, I’m not in Malta anymore. It was fascinating”.

Paolo Pisanelli

Paolo is a writer, director and photographer and he’s also the artistic director of Cinema del Reale, a film festival that takes place in Puglia where masterclasses, film screenings and exhibitions invade the city of Specchia making it into an interactive filmic location.

‘Facce’ (2018) is a project that starts from first landing of Albanian migrants in Puglia in 1991. It’s composed of photos taken between Otranto and Brindisi and takes us on a journey from Italy to Albania in search of faces and voices twenty-seven years after an event that radically changed the recent history of Italy and Europe.

‘Good Morning Taranto’ (2014) explores the tensions and passions of a city immersed in a cloud of smog, a city poisoned to an unsustainable level. Air, earth and water are poisoned by industrial pollution, in the shadow of Europe’s largest iron and steel plant, built in the middle of town and inaugurated almost fifty years ago. The inhabitants’ frustrations and dreams are told by the chronicle of a nomadic and engaging web radio, a digital cinema-eye that punctuates the rhythm of the film and pursues the events that happen at the borders of reality, between alienating sounds, unbreathable smells and sudden revelations of the beauty of the territories surrounding it.

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