Films with the theme of Borders will be screened on multiple nights during the Utopian Nights: Inside the Border week from 8:30pm onwards.

Thursday 2nd August 2018 (8.30pm): “Spectres are haunting Europe” by Maria Kourkouta and Niki Giannari (99min)
People walking, people waiting, standing or sitting, people in groups or people in lines… In this film full of respect and tenderness, images of present cross history, evoke the past and question the future. Spectres are haunting Europe creates a time and a space of interaction between us and the world we are living in.

Friday 3rd August 2018 (8.30pm): “The Suffering of Others, a self-examination” (16min) + ‘The Dubai in Me” (77min)
An eyewitness account during the shoot of a rescue operation on the Mediterranean + Images of Dubai and of Second Life, in an attempt to glean some new intelligence on the real estate bubbles
The screening will be introduced by Christian von Borries

Location: Howard Gardens, Mdina

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This event forms part of Utopian Nights: Inside the Border.