The Strada Stretta Concept, under the auspices of the Valletta 2018 Foundation and in collaboration with the Embassy of Spain in Malta, presents an evening of Flamenco music by the band Rumba Alborada.

The event will be held in Strada Stretta, Valletta, in front of Splendid (near the junction with Archbishop Street).

The band Rumba Alborada was originally formed in 1984 in the heart of one of Barcelona’s most popular neighborhoods called “El Carmel”. After having lived through several changes over the years, the band is today comprised of six members (a vocalist, two guitarists, a bassist, together with two others who play the Spanish cajón and the bongo). This skilled mixture of talents and instruments recreates the sound of the rumba catalana, a musical style which originated from the rythms of rumba and Spanish flamenco. Its increasingly popularity has meant that Rumba Alborada are able to perform at particular events every year, such as the inauguration of the Festival of “El Carmel” Quarter or on the 20th of September to celebrate the Day of the Spanish Legion.


Date: 14th October 2017
Time: 2000hrs
Venue: Strada Stretta, near Splendid
Special thanks to Jason Masini & Splendid.
Artistic Director Giuseppe Schembri Bonaci.
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