This photo studio will provide the opportunity for visitors to visualise and share their dreams in a the form of a self-photo portrait. It is a platform for diverse communities to showcase their ideas and desires and most importantly it provides a moment of encounter between individuals that usually live away from each other.

The method will involve a glass window to paint a dream situation on. The general public will then be invited to take a photo behind this painted glass window which will be printed on site as a postcard from an ‘ideal city’. The postcard will be given to the participant, exhibited in the temporary museum and sent to all EU institutions.

Interviews will be recorded to be written on the postcards to re-appropriate this symbol of first class method of travel.
Children are welcome.

Date: Tuesday 31st July to Saturday 8th August
Time: 4pm to 6pm
Location: Howard Gardens

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This event forms part of Utopian Nights: Inside the Border.