The Strada Stretta Concept, under the auspices of the Valletta 2018 Foundation, present, FROZEN by Bryony Lavery – A Theatre performance by The Gozo Creative Theatre Club. This event is under the artistic direction of George Mizzi.

FROZEN by Bryony Lavery –
One evening ten-year-old Rhona goes missing.
Her mother, Nancy, retreats into a state of frozen hope. Agnetha, an American academic, comes to England to research a thesis: “Serial Killing – A Forgivable Act?”
Then there’s Ralph, a loner who’s looking for some distraction.

Drawn together by horrific circumstances, these three embark on a long dark journey which finally curves upward into the light.
Angry, humane and compassionate, Frozen is an extraordinary play that entwines the lives of a murderer, the mother of one of his victims and his psychologist to explore our capacity for forgiveness, remorse and change after an act that would seem to rule them our entirely.

The event will be held near Splendid, Strada Stretta, Valletta.

Special thanks to Splendid.


This event starts at 8.30pm.