‘Geography of Lives‘ is a performance and series of photos by Alberto Favaro aiming to confute the idea that national borders are linear limits surrounding nations. Contemporary borders extend themselves outside and inside countries. While they may not be built by bricks or fences, they are still effective. These borders are jurisdictional, administrative and economic limitations, real impediments for migrants to become fully recognized individuals. Far from being physical barriers, borders can be considered as spaces in themselves. When imagining and mapping the extensions and thickness of these borders, the most likely configuration is not a fixed geographical one, but an infinitive number of pockets trapping spaces and bodies. Constantly adjusting itself, the border keeps ‘the intruder’ outside, even if his or her body is geographically inside. This performance has been created in collaboration with Florinda Camilleri.

Date: Tuesday 31st July, Thursday 2 August and Saturday 4th August
Time: 6pm
Location: Mdina streets, starting at Mdina Gate

Book to camp on site today —> https://tinyurl.com/y986wmpd

This event forms part of Utopian Nights: Inside the Border.