Għanafest is Malta’s folk music festival. It offers local talent the opportunity to perform alongside international artists of high repute, allowing for global networks to form and new influences to enter the Maltese scene.

Folk music has been a key player in the revival and strengthening of many musical styles and genres such as Brahms’ Hungarian Dances and John Barleycorn’s Traffic, to mention but a few. Recently, folk has also been experiencing a revival the world over thanks to efforts by young musicians. Malta, too, is experiencing this revival in folk.This revival is evident in events such as Għanafest, Malta’ very own folk music festival which is not only popular, but also very diverse in content and presentation. The acts, which include locals as well as foreigners, have enticed not only devout folk fans but also a lot of young locals and foreigners who appreciate Maltese-Mediterranean music.

Għanafest 2018 is taking place on Friday 22nd June and Saturday 23rd June at Argotti Gardens, Floriana

For more information, please visit the Għanafest official website.