Guangzhou Ballet, one of the most outstanding artistic performance organizations, is characterized by rigorous standardized and passionate style of performance and world-renowned. Join us for a performance intended for the whole family, on the 30th December at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta.

Guangzhou Ballet has been persistently following the practices of creating high-level and various ballet operas, inviting some world well-known ballet masterpieces such as La Sylphide, and rehearsing excellent works of contemporary choreographers such as Serenade. Currently, Guangzhou Ballet has a wide repertoire of 17 large-scale dance operas and more than 70 small and medium-sized programs. Guangzhou Ballet develops a unique artistic style, specifically, the company inherits the fine cultural traditions, creates and performs a serious of original ballet operas, for example Return on a Snowy Night, Lanfang Mei and so on.

Ballet is particular over fine form, visual magnificence and elegance. It can best show the strength in high-level artistic activities. Guangzhou Ballet won 42 international awards, 159 awards in domestic various artistic competitions. The dance opera Return on a Snowy Night was honored with “Wenhua Award” and covered all individual awards, which fully indicated that Guangzhou Ballet is the No. 1 among numerous renowned artistic performance organizations in China.

Guangzhou Ballet has always been the major driving force in performances in the international exchanges and domestic first-tier cities. Guangzhou Ballet has held cultural exchange performances in more than 20 countries and regions, such as Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, France, Australia, Germany and other places. The performances on European and American mainstream platform caused a sensation in the local and were praised by the mainstream audience and media, which remarkably expanded the influence of the arts and culture of Guangzhou all over the world.

Since established in 1993, Guangzhou Ballet has been trying to make its mark in international exchanges as well as major cultural events and diversify the people’s spiritual life. Guangzhou Ballet is indeed the pride of the Guangzhou people. With the establishment of “National First-class Performance Company” brand, Guangzhou Ballet is able and has already assumed the mission of “Guangzhou Culture Symbol”.


  • Selection of Carmina Burana
  • Duo Dance to Flames of Paris
  • Modern dance of Outsider
  • Chinese ballet ‘Natural Melody’
  • Classique Grand pas de deux
  • The Butterfly Lovers – Chinese Folk Ballet