Have you ever wondered why light shone on a drinking glass produces not only a shadow but also a curved region of bright light on the very same surface as that shadow? This is just the start of what caustics can actually do.


Harry Sanderson is a new media artist whose practice ranges from sound performances to interactive software sculptures. Sanderson’s work investigates ways of displaying images which goes

beyond digital projections and monitors, delving into the emergent field of ‘caustic imaging technology’ that uses algorithms and cloud computing to produce a digital image from refracted light.


During his residency at Blitz, Harry Sanderson will further investigate and reflect on his work to date, by looking at how algorithms are used in the caustics project and how that relates to historical and cultural constructs around the role of representation.


Through this research process Sanderson hopes to bring together text, images and performance, which will be documented and presented to the public in a final exhibition.


During this time he will also engage with local practitioners, professionals and audiences though a series of public programmes and events. Details to be announced soon.