HOW’S THE WATER is an installation and public event focusing on an abandoned passage that connects a residential area near the Shell reserve facility to the water of Pretty Bay, Birżebbuġa. The installation extracts from the idea of a valley by creating two seating areas on either side of the walls with a path stretching in the middle. Over the ground of the valley hangs a disused boat creating a silent and intense image to inspire concepts of ‘a dream’. It emphasizes the relation between the locality and the sea, and the role that the latter has in the everyday life of Birżebbuġa.

Although our valley is located with a splendid view of the sea and port, the sound of the water can barely be heard. There are many other overriding sounds surrounding the passage: machinery, cars, trucks, dogs, but the least heard is the sound of the water. We invite passers-by to try and stop, appreciate our natural surroundings, to try and hear the water and to relax. We hope to ‘bring back the sound of water’ through B’bugia and through our valley.

On Saturday we will gather at the site of the installation near Shortly Bar at the old Ghzira Battery in Birżebbuġa between 6pm and 11pm, to inaugurate the new space and celebrate the sounds of water. Live music will be provided by local musicians and the installation team will be around to mingle and chat with the public.


This project forms part of DESIGN4DCITY, a project which engages with community actors ranging from individual residents to public authorities and focuses on areas of intervention where public space, community interaction and social issues intersect.