Le malade imaginaire is comédie-ballet originally written by seventeenth century French playwright-actor Molière. Translated into Maltese by George Cassola, this Dù Theatre production will be performed at the City Theatre in Valletta from the 29th May to 31st May.

Directed by Chris Gatt, Il-Marid Immaġinarju tells the story of Argan, a rich man who is obsessed that he’s perpetually sick, so much so that he falls prey to each and every sham doctor and remedy. Desperate to have a doctor in the family, he attempts to marry his daughter off to a family of doctors.

His second wife, who is eager to get her hands on his money, tries to seize control of his assets before his death with the help of her lawyers.

The production boasts a stellar cast including: Chrysander Agius, Simone Spiteri, Daniel Azzopardi, Elaine Saliba, Carlos Farrugia, Pierre Stafrace, Magdalena Van Kuilenburg, Jean-Marc Cafa’ and Franica Pulis. Local band KażinSka also provides live music for Il-Marid Immaġinarju.

Dù Theatre Group and KażinSka also feature in Malta Showcase Portfolio 2015, a curated catalogue of Maltese performing arts repertoire available for programming internationally.

For more information about Il-Marid Immaġinarj, please visit the Dù Theatre Group official website.