The Rubberbodies Collective , Valletta 2018 and Spazju Kreattiv proudly present Il-Pinnuri, which will be exhibited at Spazju Kreattiv from 8th April to 1st May.

Il-Pinnuri, a part of The Wind-Rose Project (“Il-Warda Tar-Riħ”), recovered memories from all four corners of the Maltese archipelago. Following discussion and design sessions with four local communities, artists with The RBC present their findings in sculptural form. Works that touch on a time-old Maltese connection to the elements and natural rhythms.

From ringing church bells to soothe violent gales, and predicting seasonal migrations of birds to the island, to using cats to read the winds and scatter seeds. The Wind-Rose Project delves into the customs and beliefs that have functioned over the years in communities across Malta.

The RBC is presenting details of four kinetic sculptures, one for each locality and its memories of, and relationship with, the wind.

For more information, please visit the Il-Pinnuri official Facebook event.