Dal-Baħar Madwarha // The Island is what the Sea Surrounds, curated by Maren Richter, offers large installations, performances and public interventions, taking place in both traditional and unexpected locations across Malta and exploring the idea of “islandness” in playful and critical ways.

What would happen, if we built a bridge between Africa and Europe, or we take the water out of the Mediterranean Basin? What if eating Malta’s traditional soup Aljotta, would let us see the world from the fish’s perspective? Or if kids would rule a village? Have you ever heard of Ghost Fishing?
What is Contemporary Art anyway? Or can Sound be called Visual Art?
Kids take over the St. Elmo Exam Center. A day dedicated to how children look and think about contemporary artworks.

Join us, ask us as many questions as you want or leave comments behind – prompted by messages left all over the exhibition space. Every hour we will take over another space and another art work. This is “Kids Take Over” Day – on the 12th of May between 11:00 and 15:00, one day before Mother’s Day.

Advised ages: 6-12 years old (parental supervision at own discretion)

Plan for the day:

11:15 – Welcome to the exhibition space + questions

11:45 – Gathering around Manaf Halbouni’s “Uprooted” to think about why he would put an old car in this gallery space

12:30 – Watching Bettina Hutschek’s “Aljotta” to imagine what would happen if we eat the soup; is the soup real; where did the artist get her ideas to make this film?

13:30 – Choosing an artwork everyone would like to talk and find out more about – perhaps Wael Shawky’s drawings or Aaron Bezzina’s heads. Why is there a shell on a desk that is talking to us?


See you there!


Tickets cost €5 for adults and €3 for children under 12, and grant patrons one time access to each and every exhibition venue. The ticket remains valid for the entire duration of the exhibition period.