Latitude 36 is a socially engaged transmedia project focusing on Maltese individuals and community groups located in different parts of the world.

Named for the geographic location of the Maltese islands, stories of migration and immigration are gathered and shared. Revealing both personal and collective narratives, Latitude 36 travels the globe seeking tales of what it means to leave home.

Seeking new insight into the Maltese emigration experience and to promote discussion, our goal is to creatively engender new perspectives on issues of migration, memory and identity.

With the participation of Maltese communities in the UK, USA, Canada, and beyond, the migratory experience of everyday individuals is placed at the core. Latitude 36 examines personal stories, weaving together a variety of strands to tell the story of one subject – migration – and presents the discoveries across multiple platforms.

Under the umbrella of Latitude 36, creative director, curator and artist Charlie Cauchi presents documentaries; original performance pieces by established artists; and a public exhibition in Malta showcasing stories and details, told through installations and experiential exhibits.

Latitude 36 invites local and global audiences to observe individual journeys, linger over shared experiences and join the conversation.

In this exhibition, Charlie Cauchi laments Malta’s migration history, creating a series of artworks, ranging from photography and soundscapes, to built structures and moving image. The exhibition uses a mixture visual art practices to examine our past and present migration stories. Arranged around the architecture of the ‘townhouse’ structure that is Blitz, this exhibition appropriates each room in the gallery to tell a different migration story. In this exhibition, Charlie Cauchi and a host of invited foreign artists lament Malta’s migration history. The project examines past and present migration stories, through audio-visual works, installations and live performance.

The exhibition will be held at Blitz in Valletta between the 29th June and the 14th July.

Opening hours:

Tuesdays – Fridays 1pm – 6pm
Saturdays 10am – 1pm
Excluding public holidays
Blitz will be staying open till 9.30pm for the opening on the 29th and for the performances 8th and 9th.