The Malta Dance Showcase II is the sequel to the first Malta Dance Showcase which was presented last year in December 2017. The show received a very favourable reception from both public and critics and it has been broadcast on television by Public Broadcasting Service. The television reception of this show was so well received that the broadcast was repeated on varies other occasions.

The idea behind this project is to show the rich diversity of dance in Malta and Gozo. Over a two-day period, the public and critics can assist to an overall picture of the dance situation in Malta which ranges from the kindergarten stage to those who have chosen dance to be their career. Besides this event is the only event of its kind which brings together the hole of the dancing fraternity in Malta and Gozo

On Day One (21st December) Twenty – Two local schools will be presenting their work to the public under the theme “Dance Through the Ages”. Also, the top achievers in the 2017 Dance examinations will be given the opportunity to display their skills to the public.

On Day Two (22nd December) It will be the turn off the top eight Dance Companies in Malta to exhibit their brand and style of Dancing. This discovers Spanish, Classical, Hip Hop and various other styles. The programme for the evening will also include the guest participation of ZFIN Malta in a piece specially designed for the occasion and the unique appearance of the Stars of the Bolshoi Theatre. The Malta Philharmonic Orchestra will accompany the companies live which is the first of its kind in such dancing events which are normally all performed by means of recorded music.

PBS will be also shooting and broadcasting both editions. It is intended also for the choreographers and dancers to be interviewed about their roles in the television programmes.

Dance Showcase is the only occasion in Malta for the various groups, schools and companies to meet and to share and exchange experiences.

This event is endorsed by the Valletta 2018 Foundation.