The Malta Design Week (MDW) is an event presented by 808 Foundation, a voluntary group of professionals hailing from diverse design, marketing and arts backgrounds. 808 Foundation share a commitment to establishing MDW at the forefront of Maltese creativity and innovation.

Its mission is to facilitate, promote and celebrate the development of Malta’s design industry on both a cultural and commercial platform, by connecting designers and makers with industry and creating a culture inside which professionals can share their expertise. The 2018 edition will be the fourth since MDW’s inception in 2011. Malta Design Week – Design Dialogues will be taking place between the 17th-22nd September 2018 at the Valletta Campus Theatre in Valletta. Speakers include Neil Pace O’Shea, Prof. Andrew Walters, Germans Ermičs, Oscar & Sofie, Marco Scerri, Toby, Kerem Halbrecht & Gilly Karjevsky, Dmitri Jajich, Karl Micallef, Tetsuo Kondo and Marco Cassamonti, amongst others.The Dialogues will focus on Design research & Policy, Product Design / Craftsmanship, Malta: 3 Generations of Design and beyond, Architecture, including ‘From the ground to the sky’ and Maltese Projects related to design, amongst others.