St.Andrew’s  Band club is exhibiting two large static cribs based on the theme: ‘Malta fil-Presepju’ during the Christmas festivities.

On 1st December in the Parliament building, Valletta, a Christmas concert is going to be held, followed by the inauguration of the crib, set in a Valletta setting. This shall remain open to the public up till the 6th of January, 2019.

Amongst the various scenes, one finds replicas Auberge de Castille, Our Lady of Victory Church and the Royal Opera House. One also finds the bastions which surround our capital city. A particular house, partly demolished during the Second World War provides the birthplace of baby Jesus in a setting which reproduces the painting of Giuseppe Cali as found in the Nativity altar at the Luqa Parish Church. The figure of the Grandmaster Jean de La Vallette will welcome all those who visit this crib. The figure of the Maltese Saint, San Gorg Preca who hails from Valletta is also figured prominently in the crib.

At Saint Andrew’s Band Club, Luqa – Large static crib showing typical Maltese scenery which will be open from the 15th of December till 6th of January. 2019.

Amongst the different landscapes, one finds typical Maltese houses which the artists succeeded in reproducing them in the crib to their the finest details and where the beauty of the Maltese stone is highly pronounced. The figures (pasturi) wearing traditional Maltese costumes, from the hands of the artist Jesmond Micallef complete the crib.

‘Malta fil-Presepju’ really emphasizes the Maltese identity and while the story of the birth of Jesus Christ is narrated, it is twinned with the history of our country. So, people must pay a visit to these two cribs and experience this holy story of the birth of Jesus Christ  in a Maltese setting.

For more details and updates, kindly visit the Facebook page  ‘Malta fil-Presepju’. This event is endorsed by the Valletta 2018 Foundation.