The Malta International Arts Festival 2017 (EU Presidency Special Edition) creates a wonderful melting pot of cultures and artistic fusion. In the run up to Valletta becoming European Capital of Culture in 2018, the festival highlights the importance of artistic collaboration between cultural realities and strives to forge synergies.

This year’s edition is creating a strong culture of commissioning new work, particularly interactive/installation based work. It is also creating calls and providing new platforms for various art forms, cultivating a culture for residencies with the aspiration of Malta becoming a destination on the world’s cultural map.

Maltese and international art will be merged together, thus yielding exciting results, whilst nurturing talent and providing our young artists a platform. Emerging and established artists are encouraged to push boundaries through creative and innovative performances and practices, which makes the festival a fertile breeding ground for ideas, collaborations and possibilities with an emphasis on interdisciplinarity.

Each year, the festival strives to enrich the cultural calendar with a host of events, including virtuoso music performances, visual installations, dance, and well-established international acts performing at various venues in and around Valletta.

The MIAF 2017 will provide a number of events and activities including interactive swings, a moving theatre touring villages in a traditional Maltese bus, theatre workshops, composition workshops, calls for artwork, a hybrid of dance, sound and movement open for participation across all levels, magic visual carpets, and so on. These shall bring art to the people, and allows the interaction between the public and art to create more art.

Visit the Malta International Arts Festival website for more details.