MATERIA is an exhibition by artist Adrian Abela and is part of ‘CHARTI’, a Valletta 2018 project, which reinterprets traditional elements of the Maltese festa, placing them within a contemporary international setting. MATERIA is divided into three major works. The first two, MATER and GENTES, will open at Spazju Kreattiv on the 11th June, the last work, RITUS, will open on the 18th June. MATER, focuses on the materials used in the festa such as the Paper thrown in the streets, the Fireworks and the Marbling technique, whilst GENTES, showcases five sculptures featuring clips depicting the ritualistic experience of the festa. RITUS, opening on the 18th June, focuses on the materiality of the rituals in festi and on the work and concept of the CHARTI project.