The strong, theatrical presence of percussion instruments will become even more dramatic by the vaulted halls of the Citadel Cultural Centre, a versatile space that has served many purposes since it was renovated. For this concert three percussionists will present several works featuring an intriguing range of instruments; from marimba and vibraphone to a variety of drums and cymbals portraying a sculpture-like installation for a percussion extravaganza. ‘Percussion Ensemble’ will be held on the 17th November, 8pm and is organised in collaboration with the Citadel Cultural Centre & Kultura Għawdex.


Daniel Cauchi, Christian Schembri, Luke Baldacchino: percussion

Modern Music Days is part of the Valletta 2018 Cultural Programme. Modern Music Days is organised by Teatru Manoel and the Malta Association for Contemporary Music with the support of the Ministry for Finance.