Mons, the Belgian European Capital of Culture of 2015, is hosting Liège festival from the 27th January 2015 to the 31st January 2015. The festival includes breathtaking theatrical acts and dance performances. Coupé-Décalé’s dance performances will surely enthral guests during the weekend with choreography by South African choreographer Robyn Orlin and Cameroonian dancer James Carlès which depict the ups and downs of Afro-European culture.

Meanwhile, on the theatrical side of the festival, the captivating play La imaginación del futuro retells the story of Salvador Allende’s final weeks. Written by communications specialists, the play depicts Chilean reality before Auguste Pinochet’s 17-year-long dictatorship.

The Mons 2015 Liège Festival will be held at the Théâtre Le Manège from the 27th January to the 31st January at 8:00pm. For more information, please visit the Mons 2015 official website.