Noises Off is a hilarious comedy written by Michael Frayn, incorporating classic comedy elements such as mistaken identity, door slamming and much more. Noises Off is a fusion of two plays, giving the audiences a glimpse of what could go wrong during a performance including backstage mishaps, forgotten lines, useless props and utter chaos. In Noises Off, actors are performing the “onstage” British farce Nothing On while also performing the “backstage” scenes of Nothing On. Eventually, the backstage play and the onstage Nothing On play collide, resulting in an utter comic mess which will have the audience in stitches in no time. Directed by Anthony Bezzina, this Masquerade performance includes the best of local talent, including the likes of Alan Paris, Polly March, Jo Caruana, Stephen Oliver and Victor Debono.

Noises Off provides audience with insight into the complexities of stagecraft while also keeping them entertained throughout. This production is no easy feat for actors taking part as timing, breath taking and energy are of the utmost performance when they are travelling to and fro the backstage play and the front stage play.

Noises Off is opening at Teatru Manoel on the 17th April at 7.30pm. It will then run for two consecutive weekend on the 18th, 19th and 24th, 25th and 26th April. For more information, please visit the Teatru Manoel official website.