In these days of globalisation, our world does not exist anymore. Next to speedways and airports, we find high fences and enclaves. The new global nomads travel fast and far on different routes than the majority of the earth’s inhabitants, contrived to go through numerous administratives obstacles and a whole array of checkpoints. Borders and enclaves are fragmenting our spaces. Golden gated communities, leisure theme parks and expensive historical city centers are in high demand as much as detention centers and refugee camps. Enclaves are generally on the rise. Smuggling people, smuggling bank accounts.

Our guest speakers, Christian Von Borries, Tom Van Malderen, Maria Pisani, Francois Zammit, Alberto Favaro will be present to discuss these issues with the public, merging art and politics.

Date: Saturday 4th August 2018

Time: 8pm

Location: Howard Gardens, Mdina


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This event forms part of Utopian Nights: Inside the Border.