Time’s Up, together with the 2017 Maltese Presidency of the Council of the European Union with the support of Arts Council Malta and the Valletta 2018 Foundation, is inviting interested participants to join a selected group of contributors in an exercise designed to imagine possible futures for Malta and Europe. To this end, Time’s Up is setting up two workshops aimed at developing a culture of speculative thinking guided by experts with groups of practitioners.

The Panel for Special Programmes workshop is aimed at citizens interested, trained or actively involved in political, socioeconomic, cultural or environmentally sustainable undertakings and studies, to residents involved in or connected with local creative, cultural, artistic communities, initiatives and organizations and to all citizens otherwise interested in co-creating the future. Led by renowned groups of future designers, the workshop will allow participants to draft possible near futures, to imagine a world we all might live in and to implement objects and media existing in these futures.

This multi-day speculative visioning event allows EU residents to suggest new prototype programmes to the EU to be conveyed as a promotional video. This rare opportunity will provide participants with the chance to design alternative paths for the EU, guided by future-visioning strategists from The Extrapolation Factory. The stories will be told through short films which will be seen by residents, influential stakeholders and European decision makers. The results of the workshop will be widely distributed within Malta and beyond, engaging with the general population as well as being passed on to decision makers within governments and other stakeholder groups.

To join the workshop, please submit a short text (max. 400 words) outlining why you would like to be involved on [email protected] before the end of January 2017. Participation is free of charge.